Our farm is located one half hour northwest of London, Ontario Canada on the road to Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

Cold Stream the Texel Specialists

Origins of Our Dutch Texel Sheep

We imported our embryos' from a well known, respected Dutch breeder RJ van Doorn. Rinus has been in the business for over 40+ years, is dedicated to improving the breed and has been very successful in producing several champion rams and ewes.

Occasionally, Rinus will return to the island of Texel, located off the northern coast of Holland where the Texel sheep originated from, in search of a (future/prospective) champion sire to improve his flocks' genetics.

In 2000 new genetics imported from top breeding rams Diamond and Euro from the Netherlands and another importation of semen from the flock of Kees Kikkert's from Texel Island in 2003, further improved our breeding stock.

Rinus and family in the spring of 2000 along with their Texel sheep relocated to the beautiful area of Allier, France. Here they are surrounded by exceptional landscapes and only a hundred kilometers from the awe inspiring Puy de Dome Mountains.

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Produce a lean carcass with a high dress out weight
Produce quality purebreds and crossbred lambs.

D ocile, easy to handle
U se for terminal sires
T exel lambs achieve high growth rate
C arcass, low fat cover
H ardy breed

T exel breed is growing in popularity
E xceedingly high quality
X tra profit from cross bred lambs
E xcellent conformation
L ean meat

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